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A Gallery of Cherry Pi

Jessica Soldering Stuff

November 10, 2018

Race Time!

We built multiple drive systems for testing and decided to run them againts each other to see which was fastest. August 25th, 2018


The Hills are Alive...

a [professional] photo of some of our members at the Robosub competetion, Naval Base Point Loma. August 2, 2018


There's a Drunk Alien Outside!

The heading pretty much explains it. August 2, 2018


Team Picture at Robosub, Naval Base Point Loma. August 2, 2018

Team photo of us at the Robosob compertetion held in Naval Base Point Loma, San Diego.

From left to right: Charles Paxson, Nick Song, Nathan Lan, Daniel Xu, Ruslana Fogler, and Karen Sun.

Final Alliance!

Team 11104 Bearded Pineapples and Team 11411 Cherry Pi before our final match as an alliance, April 24, 2018


2017-2018 Team Photo

A team picture of Cherry Pi from the 2017-2018 Relic Recovery Season, April 24, 2018

From left to right: Nick Song, Nathan Lan, Ruslana Fogler, B.G.*, Daniel Xu, and Charles Paxson.

An image of us at World Championships in Houston, Texas

April 25, 2018

From left to right: Ruslana Fogler, Daniel Xu, Charles Paxson, Nathan Lan, Andrew Gao, and Nick Song.

Robot v1.

A *sigh* veeeeeery outdated photo of our Relic Recovery Challenge robot in it's early stages. March 11th, 2018


2018-19 Rover Ruckus

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